The Rise of $SNORT: A Meme-Coin to Watch on Base Chain

Dubai, UAE, 1st July 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, The cryptocurrency market is constantly evolving, with new projects and tokens emerging to capture the interest of investors and enthusiasts. One such project that has recently gained attention is the $SNORT meme-coin, built on the Base Chain. Despite the market pullback, $SNORT has demonstrated resilience and growth, making it a standout in the meme-coin sector. Here’s a detailed look into $SNORT’s journey, its unique features, and what sets it apart in the crypto space.

$SNORT’s Market Performance

$SNORT launched just two months ago and has already shown promising signs. Initially setting a floor around a 4 million market cap, $SNORT has managed to maintain this level despite the overall market downturn. As of the latest updates, $SNORT has a market cap of approximately 4.3 million, with liquidity over $740k and a growing holder count now surpassing 5,000. This growth is notable, considering the token had 3,600 holders just eight days ago.

The consistent market cap and increasing holder base indicate a strong community and investor confidence in $SNORT. The project has also managed to recover quickly from minor dips, demonstrating its stability and potential for future growth.

Token Burn and Supply Management

In a strategic move to increase scarcity and value, $SNORT has burned 10% of its overall token supply. This burn mechanism is designed to reduce the circulating supply, potentially increasing the value of the remaining tokens. Token burns are a common practice in the cryptocurrency space to incentivize holding and stabilize the market.

Introducing Snort Plug Bot

One of the most exciting developments for $SNORT is the introduction of the Snort Plug Bot. This innovative utility rewards users for their engagement and activity on social media, particularly Twitter. Here’s how it works:

  • Engagement Rewards: Users earn $SNORT tokens by participating in Twitter raids, using the $SNORT hashtag, and engaging with the community through tweets, replies, and quoted tweets.
  • Reward Pool: Each campaign has a predetermined reward pool and a specific number of winners. The more a user engages, the higher their chances of winning a share of the pool.
  • Claiming Rewards: Winners can claim their tokens directly on Telegram, though it’s advised to use a fresh wallet to avoid potential scams.

The Snort Plug Bot not only incentivizes community engagement but also promotes $SNORT across social media platforms, potentially attracting new investors and holders.

Upcoming Collaborations and Releases

Collaboration with YouTube Superstar

In an exciting development, $SNORT has announced a collaboration with a YouTube superstar set to begin in July. This partnership is expected to bring significant exposure to $SNORT, leveraging the influencer’s massive following to boost awareness and attract new investors. The collaboration is anticipated to include various promotional activities, high-quality funny content, and interactive events to engage the audience.

Release of “Snort on the Run” Crypto Game

Adding to its growing ecosystem, $SNORT is set to release a new crypto game titled “Snort on the Run.” This game promises to offer an entertaining and engaging experience for players, integrating $SNORT tokens into the gameplay. Players will be able to earn and use $SNORT tokens within the game, creating a fun and immersive way to interact with the cryptocurrency. The release of “Snort on the Run” is expected to further enhance the utility and appeal of $SNORT.

Exciting Giveaways for $SNORT Buyers

To further incentivize community participation and celebrate milestones, $SNORT has announced several exciting giveaways tied to market cap achievements. These giveaways will be available exclusively to buyers of $SNORT tokens:

  • $10 Million Market Cap: $5,000 worth of $SNORT tokens will be given away to lucky buyers.
  • $20 Million Market Cap: Rolex watches will be awarded to select buyers from the community.
  • $50 Million Market Cap: A Cybertruck will be given away to a lucky buyer, marking a major milestone for the $SNORT project.

These giveaways are designed to reward loyal holders and attract new investors, creating additional buzz and excitement around the project.

Utility and Ecosystem

Beyond social media engagement and gaming, $SNORT is looking to expand its utility within the Base Chain ecosystem. The Snort Plug Bot will be available for white-label use by other projects on the Base Chain, for a small fee. This move could generate additional revenue for $SNORT and enhance its presence within the ecosystem.

Market Potential and Future Prospects

With its unique features, strategic collaborations, and strong community support, $SNORT is well-positioned for future success. The project has already been listed on major centralized exchanges such as MEXC, BitMart, and HitBit, in addition to being available on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap.

Moreover, $SNORT’s participation in Onchain Summer—a significant event for the Base Chain—could further boost its visibility and adoption. Onchain Summer is expected to attract around 70 million new users, providing a substantial opportunity for $SNORT to gain traction.

To enhance its appeal, $SNORT has also launched a free NFT mint and announced a $5,000 grant to support the development of decentralized applications (dApps) on its platform. These initiatives are aimed at fostering innovation and expanding the utility of $SNORT, making it more attractive to both developers and users.


$SNORT is emerging as a strong contender in the meme-coin space, thanks to its innovative approach, community engagement strategies, and solid market performance. As the Base Chain ecosystem continues to grow, $SNORT’s potential for significant gains becomes more apparent. Investors and crypto enthusiasts should keep an eye on this project as it continues to develop and expand its reach.

Whether you’re already a holder of $SNORT or considering adding it to your portfolio, the project’s unique features and growth trajectory make it a promising investment in the evolving world of meme-coins.

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